Moisturising Jewellery In a Candle - Sex On The Beach


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More than just a Candle it's an ~ EXPERIENCE ~

Sex On The Beach - Jewellery In a Candle

Sex On The Beach - This festive mix is based on the popular drink. Reminiscent of the tropics this gorgeous scent blends a fruity combination of fresh ripened peaches, fresh squeezed oranges, a hint of peach and spiced cranberry.

This candle is packaged in Blue Organza like the crystal blue waters of a tropical beach. Inside you will find an information leaflet about Gem Candles and how to enjoy your candle.

When you light your candle the wax will begin to pool and after a while a gold parcel will appear in the wax, waiting to be picked out of the warm wax and opened to reveal your mystery piece of jewellery.

Gem Candles are Australian Made & Owned, Vegan, Environmentally friendly & Body Safe.

Our candles are hand poured with care and love.

Gem Candles signature product is a “5 in 1” Australian made candle that is vegan and body safe – as well as revealing a mystery piece of jewellery.
1. It’s a soy based candle made with top quality beauty ingredients.
2. It’s a moisturising candle – we have a unique formula that also contains top quality beauty ingredients to be body safe.
3. It’s a massage candle. Firm enough to be used as a candle, yet melts at a very low temperature for the body.
4. It’s a body balm – can be applied cold on the body and rubbed in like any other creams or lotions.
5. BLING inside every large candle. Revealing a mystery piece of jewellery inside that can be worth anything from $10 up to $5000 in value.

Gem Candles have approximately 43 hours burn time for you to enjoy them as an aromatic candle at home. Burn time is less if you enjoy them as a sensual massage or moisturizer.

All of our products are Vegan and DO NOT contain any palm oil.

All Gem Candle products are hand poured. Slight variations may be apparent for this reason.

NOTE In some cases sweating may occur on candles in tins in hotter weather. This does not affect the candle. Please burn as normal and the sweating will disappear. If you are concerned you can blot the top of the candle with a tissue lightly.