Lockstone One Range Black Pearl Bracelet


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Add classy elegance to any formal outfit with this Vanacci Black Pearl Bracelet!

This classic single strand bracelet features lustrous black semi-precious agate stones separated by a single highly polished stainless steel bead on an industrial strength stretch-fit polymer cord to assure the perfect fit. The stones have variable uniformity and good luster in several varieties. The shape of these simple stones creates a quality piece that you'll want to wear for years to come.

Whatever your scent – Lockstone™ captures it – needing only a single spray that will last approximately seven times longer than wearing your fragrance without it.

Simply spray your favourite fragrance onto the Lockstone ™ material, allow it to infuse for 5 minutes and then wear around the wrist. The bracelet is best worn with direct skin contact and will slowly diffuse your fragrance throughout the day.

  • Elegant & Classy Fragrance Bracelet with Elastic Strand.
  •  Beautiful and Lustrous, this piece of jewelry is equally perfect for a formal night out on the town or a casual lazy Sunday home with the family.
  • Bring out the elegance in you with a beautiful presence, this fragrance bracelet is the perfect go-to piece. (Ideal for both male and female).
  • Exclusive Craftsmanship and Styling.
  • Perfect Gift for Mothers Day, Graduation, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary and for all fragrance enthusiasts*.
  •  Ideal for both male and female.
  • Sizes available: 5.7, 6.5, 8, 9 inch (14.5cm, 16.5cm, 20cm, 22.5cm) for more sizing information see our size guide here.
  • Made in the UK. 

*We strongly recommend not using essential oils with Lockstone. Essential oils do not absorb into the material in the same way as other perfumes. Read more about Lockstone care here.

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