Exfoliating Towel


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Now you can have amazingly smooth and soft skin with these Exfoliating Towels.

Made of textured nylon they make a luxurious lather of almost any soap and very well suited for all over body exfoliating. The long length of the towel allows you to reach your back effortlessly and able to clean those 'hard to reach' places without having to be a contortionist.

Use gently on the body to remove old skin to allow the softer baby smooth layers beneath for that silky soft feel. The Exfoliating Towel will leave your skin feeling soft, will stimulate the circulation and leave you feeling clean and fresh all over.

After use the Exfoliating Towel rinses clean easily, dries quickly and hygienically for multiple baths or showers.

At first the new Exfoliating Towel will feel hard and rough, as time goes on and with more use the towel will soften. Please use your new Exfoliating Towel gently until it softens. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you spot test or only use on harder skin such as knees, elbows and feet/heels until you think it's softened enough for your sensitive skin and always spot test before using all over. No need to rub hard, always use gently. Not recommended for use on the face.


  1. Wet towel completely and apply your preferred soap or liquid bath wash onto the towel. Massage the towel against itself to form a luxurious soapy lather.
  2. Stretch the towel across your back, holding each end with each hand, scissor the towel back and forth across you back, moving downwards allowing you to get your entire back with ease. Use the same motion for shoulder to hip, across buttocks, or even on the soles and heels of your feet to remove any hardened skin.
  3. For the front of your body, arms and legs, just scrunch the towel into a ball or however you prefer to hold it and in gentle circles exfoliate the rest of your body.

The Exfoliating Towel will always reach all areas of your back without the help of another person. Excellent to use to remove dead dry cracked skin on the heels of your feet - soak your feet until the skin has softened and gently exfoliate by rubbing, or placing your heel in the middle of the towel and with a scissor action pull each end back and forth under your heel. Perfect for anyone with a sore back or problems bending to reach their heels to removed dead skin. Help avoid cracked heels and infection by keeping the dead hard skin to a minimum on your feet.

SPRAY TANNING will have better coverage and apply better on exfoliated skin. Don't risk missing any places before getting your new spray tan. Use the towel before tanning paying extra attention to your feet, knees, elbows and any other places with hard or dry skin. Have the perfect spray tan with the right pre-spray preparation.

BLOCKED PORES can be a real problem in many areas of the body. The Exfoliating Towel is perfect to ensure you remove any deodorant/anti perspirants properly from under the arms. Any problems with blackheads or acne on the back may be reduced by the removal of dead skin and being able to easily wash your own back from shoulders to the middle to the hips to keep the pores clean to help your skin condition. Use gently, do not scrub hard.

If you have never experienced this amazing Exfoliating Towel in the past it may take a while to get used to while the towel starts to soften the more its used, but once you are used to the Exfoliating Towel, you will never be without it again. You will always want to have the clean, soft and smooth feeling skin that is noticeably soft to the touch.

No matter how old you are, you deserve to have skin as soft as a baby!

After your bath or shower and using your Exfoliating Towel, remember to enjoy your Gem Candles moisturising properties and enjoy applying your luxuriously warm Gem Candle oil on your body, not only to keep your skin silky soft after you have cleaned yourself, but to also smell beautiful from your chosen favourite Gem Candle fragrance.

Rinse well after use. Machine wash as desired. Do not put in a dryer.

Exfoliating Towel Size - Approx 90cm x 30cm