Anchor Grounding Blend - Hand Blended Essential Oils

Anchor Grounding Blend - Hand Blended Essential Oils

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You may be having a bad day characterized by fatigue, mood swings, and inner tension. All that you need is hand blended essential oils to relax your body and uplift your spirit. The calming oil is derived from a mixture of natural oils that form a perfect blend that is vital to the physiological being. Anchor Grounding blend is, thus, effective as it is a product of oils from a fruit, a tree, and a seed.

The components -Fractionated Coconut, Bergamot, Cedarwood, and Cardamom - form the anchor ground blend whose fragrance is calming, soothing, revitalizing and invigorating. Using the oil is a wise decision if you wish to start your day on high gear at your workplace!


Natural and woody; stabilizes a forest and protects the ecosystem for generations.


Spicy and ardent; propagates enthusiasm and overcomes fear in adversity.


Eye-popping and limy; brightens your day and you shine amongst a crowd.

The Anchor Grounding Blend is exclusively derived from natural components. The exclusion of chemicals is vital in protecting your lungs from irritation from pungent and unhealthy scents. You can use the oil as a massage relaxer, home steam diffuser or wearable diffuser jewelry.

Calming- If you have had a hectic day, you need the blend of oils to relax, unwind and rejuvenate yourself. The earthy and body-friendly scent ushers you to a long-lasting session of comfort.

Natural Ingredients- Chemicals are irritating and act adversely on the body. This is why the blend contains plant-based products such as cedarwood, cardamom, fractionated coconut and bergamot oils.

Suitable for Aromatherapy – Nothing beats the oils in freshening the air. You can use the blend as a wearable diffuser for jewelry as it is suitable for pyrite, onyx and agate stones. Additionally, it is a perfect home diffuser.

The blend is a handmade product from the USA.

The essential oils that are used in blending are accredited as therapeutic with immense benefits to the body.

For aromatherapy and topical use, a 2ml vial is perfect.

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