Acne Face Pack With Tamanu Oil

Acne Face Pack With Tamanu Oil

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Acne Face Pack With Tamanu Oil

Get the clear skin of your dreams with the Acne face pack enriched with Tamanu oil, a super potent and an excellent ingredient for acne. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-coagulative properties of this Tamanu oil makes this Acne face pack, the perfect natural treatment for preventing and eliminating acne (rosacea, cystic acne etc.) as well as acne scarring. Tamanu oil also features extraordinary natural capabilities that promote rejuvenation of new skin tissue and encourage rapid healing of scars plus restoration of healthy radiant skin.

The Acne face pack is cost-effective since it comes with a facial cleanser, facial toner, Tamanu oil roll-on, which is refillable and honey-pumice exfoliant all-inclusive in one kit. This light, restorative oil is safe for all skin types' especially oily acne prone skin which is susceptible to breakouts.

Additionally, Tamanu oil is soothing and mild. Therefore, you can use all the products on this acne face pack a couple of times per day. Grab your pack and start your journey to a gorgeous, naturally clear skin.

A natural acne treatment that delivers fast and effective results! 


Facial Cleanser with Tamanu Oil 135ml 
Facial Toner with Tamanu Oil 135ml 
Honey & Pumice Exfoliant with Tamanu Oil 60ml 
Face Moisturizer with Tamanu Oil 135 
15ml Tamanu Oil Roll On (refillable) 

- in a bio-degradable skin care gift box.

Suitable for all skin types.

(Net Weight: 570 grams)