3 in 1 iPhone 5 Hard Cover 1800 mAh Powerbank and Digital Breath Analyser Black

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This must have 3 in 1 iPhone 5 case is lightweight, durable and comes with a decent 1800 mAh and a sophisticated digital breath analyser.

The cover has a rare design and gives your smartphone the protection it needs.

The phone case has the impeccable fitting for your smartphone. All buttons are unrestricted usable and easily accessible.

The case consists of robust plastic to ensure longevity and offers a very good shock absorption.

The built-in power bank allows easy charging, so you will never worry about your phone's battery life.

The built-in digital breath analyzer is compact and practical for home and personal use. Easily monitor your own alcohol level and those of family & friends to ensure you drive back home safe.

Perfect accessory for personal use


Lightweight and robust phone cover
Built-in 1800mAh Power bank
Perfect accessory for personal use
Digital Breath analyser
Accurate readings from breathalyzer to easily manage alcohol level

Package Content:

1 x 3 in 1 iPhone 5 case