Lockstone Vanacci Care Guide


Get the most from your Lockstone

Here you go, your very own Lockstone pendant. How about that? The following information is important stuff that will let you get the most from Lockstone and prevent catastrophe. The following steps will save you time and maybe, the universe.

It’s all set to go. Just apply your favourite fragrance directly onto the stone, allow it to soak in for at least five minutes and away you go. If you have a solid fragrance, a few rubs against the stone will infuse Lockstone.

We recommend that the fragrance soak in completely and is dry to the touch prior to wearing the pendant to avoid wet marks on clothing. Some liquids may mark or stain clothing and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Every fragrance is different in strength so longevity will vary. However, on average, fragrances last seven times longer than on skin application.

Lockstone does not feature a fragrance itself, so you are able to add your own fragrance to the stone to make it truly yours.

Fragrance strength will vary dependent on the strength of the fragrance itself. Below is a list of fragrance types and their varying strengths:

Perfume: high concentration of essences that see up to 40% of the formula being pure scent

Eau de Parfum: contains over 15% of pure essence

Eau de Toilette: contains up to around 10% aromatic essence

Eau de Cologne: contains about 7% aromatic essence


How often you need to charge your Lockstone depends on how strong you want your fragrance to be. In the case of strong fragrances (high concentration of pure scent), you may only wish to charge once or twice a week. For subtler scents, daily to once every few days may be more appropriate.

Lockstone has been rigorously tested during physical activity, at the gym, out running etc. Tested with both alcohol-free and alcohol-based fragrances, we found the moisture is absorbed and expelled through osmosis and combined with the application of fragrances every 2-3 days, the material didn't seem to hold on to any unwanted smells.

Please keep out of reach of children and pets as Lockstone poses a potential choking risk and, once infused, will taste awful.

We strongly recommend not using essential oils with Lockstone. Essential oils do not absorb into the material in the same way as other perfumes and therefore may mark and damage clothing.

The fragrance sticks around for quite a long time, so we recommend having one fragrance per stone. You can rinse out the original scent using water, but it takes a very long time to completely remove the scent.